Why to Join IMA

More than 100 reasons why one should become a proud member of IMA

Membership Privileges

  • As per MCI ethics regulations you need to be a member of a medical association. “1.2.2 Membership in Medical Society: For the advancement of his profession, a physician should affiliate with associations and societies of allopathic medical professions and involve actively in the functioning of such bodies.” IMA is the best association to join.

  • You represent the largest medical professional NGO of the world with over 2.6 lac members spread over 1750 local and 34 state branches.

  • You can chose to become an annual member or a life member.

  • You will automatically get three memberships. (local branch, state branch and headquarters)

  • IMA Membership is transferable all over the country.

  • IMA also has an overseas doctor’s wing. So even if you get posted out of India you still remain in touch with IMA.

  • If your posting is transferable you can also become a direct member of IMA. 

  • You can also become an associate member of another branch without voting rights

  • Every new member of IMA get IMA Welcome Kit which include IMA Lapel Pin, IMA Certificate, IMA ID Card and welcome email.

  • Using IMA IDs members can avail many facilities & privileges in various states and cities.

  • All members gets eJIMA – a monthly bulletin of IMA. IMA journal is an Indexed Journal https://www.ima-india.org/eJIMA/

  • In a state an IMA member can get elected to the state medical council.

  • IMA members can participate in all national programmes.

  • IMA through state and local branches provides family planning devices, condoms and vaccines to its members

  • IMA members can avail discounts offered by Hotels, Cars, RO water, air filters etc.

  • IMA also recognizes doctors at branch, state and central level with awards, honours, orations and recognitions.

  • IMA website https://www.ima-india.org/ provides online answer to most queries

  • IMA also has an overseas doctor’s wing. So even if you get posted out of India you still remain in touch with IMA.

Privileges of service doctors

  • IMA is fighting for retirement age to be 65

  • IMA is fighting for IMS on the lines of IAS

  • IMA is fighting for regularization of adhoc appointments

Privilege for spouse and children

  • Many branches have spouse and children wings.

Privileges to update one’s knowledge and skills

  • As per MCI ethics regulation 1.2.3 you need to attend CMEs and IMA provides a platform for the same. ” 1.2.3 A Physician should participate in professional meetings as part of Continuing Medical Education programmes, for at least 30 hours every five years, organized by reputed professional academic bodies or any other authorized organisations. The compliance of this requirement shall be informed regularly to Medical Council of India or the State Medical Councils as the case may be.”

  • IMA credit hours for CME programmes are recognised by most state medical councils

  • Members are entitled for branch, state and IMA scientific communications through news bulletins, e bulletins, Journals and other special communications.

  • IMA College of General Practitioners wing of IMA provides fellowships, fellow of college of general practitioners and GP training programs.

  • IMA Academy of Medical Specialties Wing looks after the interest of specialists and organizes specialist oriented CME programmes. One can also become a fellow of IMAAMS.

  • IMA AKN Sinha institute wing of IMA provide distance learning CME modules.

  • IMA comes out with regular guidelines, white papers and stands on various issues. IMA is first to know, warn, send alerts and participate in all natural calamities and outbreaks.

  • IMA is a nodal centre for pharmacovigilance programme of India. Helpline number is 9717776514.

  • IMA organizes multi location CME in 23 locations at the same time.

  • IMA organizes weekly webcast every Thursday on topics of national interest @ IMA website.

  • IMA runs a paramedics institute and trains technicians.

  • IMA regularly organizes educational tours within and outside India.

  • IMA has a skill development department.

  • IMA offer many digital initiatives under “IMA Lybrate Initiative”

  • Most state branches have libraries for its member

  • IMA has slide share on its website @ https://www.ima-india.org/ima/left-side-bar.php?pid=352

  • IMA develops regular guidelines on various medical issues

Community Service Privileges

  • IMA provides an opportunity to members to serve with dignity and participate in various community service programmes.

  • IMA wing “aao gaon chale” works for providing care in villages. IMA Gujrat has adopted over 40 villages.

  • IMA wing “welcome the girl child” works for the interest of girl child.

  • IMA NRI members can get opportunity for lecturing or a community service when they visit India.

  • Over 40 Branches of IMA run State of the art Blood Band namely, Dehradun, Kanpur, Varanasi, Bareilly, Allahabad and Moradabad.

  • In Mehsana, Gujarat IMA runs a special programme for tribal health.

  • IMA Erode, GOA run IMA YAM Centre for terminally ill patients.

  • IMA headquarters runs Jan Aushidhi Drug store as a part of its social commitment.

  • IMA has online directory of rare blood groups (www.ima-india.org/Rare ) and of organ donation (www.ima-india.org/ipmo ).

  • IMA has online TB notification system as TB is a notifiable disease www.ima-india.org/tbnotify

  • IMA guides for making bio medical waste unit in various states. IMA Kerala runs one of the biggest bio medical waste unit for its member establishments.

  • IMA runs a national IMA Disaster Management Cell.

  • Under IMA National Disaster Management Cell, IMA provide help in any national calamity.  During the Bhuj earthquake, IMA Gujarat Unit built an IMA hospital there.

  • IMA has ‘I pledge my organs “ online list to help its fellow members @ https://ima-india.org/windata/ipmo/

  • IMA with Heart Care Foundation of India provides free surgeries to poor girls with congenital heart disease.

Medical Protection against Violence, Medical Establishments and Equipment

  • IMA runs its own National professional protection scheme to protect the members and help them in case of harassment, litigation etc. which may arise during the process of their professional practice and also to provide legal aid to the members of the Scheme.

  • IMA also runs a national social security scheme for its members (IMANSS)

  • IMA Kerala runs hospital equipment protection scheme. IMA also negotiates for equipment at a special rates for its members.

  • IMA supports all members during professional crisis. IMA has been able to pursue most state government in enacting Medicare Service Persons and Medicare Service Institutions (Prevention of Violence and Damage of Property) Act which provides protection to doctors and their medical establishments.

Research Privileges

  • IMA has an Independent Ethics Committee for promoting research amongst its members.

  • IMA has Independent infection Control committees for guiding infection control guidelines and antibiotic policy.

  • MCI ethics regulation 6.8 h allows one to publish their research in IMA journals and conferences “h) Endorsement: A medical practitioner shall not endorse any drug or product of the industry publically. Any study conducted on the efficacy or otherwise of such products shall be presented to and / or through appropriate scientific bodies or published in appropriate scientific journals in a proper way”.

  • IMA journal is indexed

  • Articles in IMA journals are entitles for MCI research  requirements

  • IMA has online adverse events reporting system @ https://imaevents.emedinews.in/Default.aspx

  • IMA has online Performa on hypertension screening @ https://ima-india.org/windata/

  • IMA has online survey on diabetes in doctors @ https://ima-india.org/windata/Survey/

Social benefits

  • IMA is a professional and social platform for doctors updating their knowledge and helping new friendship & fellowship.

  • Members have privilege to stay in guest houses of various state branches all over the country.

  • Many states and local branches have IMA clubs with special programmes for spouse and children.

  • Many IMA clubs also provide facilities like IMA Baratghar

  • Many IMA provides live IPL Cricket Matches (Mumbai)

  • IMA provides opportunity to participate in various sports activities for members & their family.

Social Media and IMA

Financial Benefits

  • One can claim income tax exemption for payments against membership. By using IMA platform one updates one’s knowledge which results in more professional income. This type of expenditure is allowed under section 37 of Income tax of India “ 37: general: Any expenditure (not being expenditure of the nature described in sections 30 to 362[***] and not being in the nature of capital expenditure3 or personal expenses of the assessee), laid out or expended wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the business or profession shall be allowed in computing the income chargeable under the head “Profits and gains of business or profession” 

  • One can give donations to IMA and get exemption under 80G.

  • IMA runs a pension scheme.

  • IMA runs a health scheme.

  • IMA helps its members in cases of death or disability through IMA benevolent fund.

  • IMA has a costing department which rationalizes professional fee and charges

  • IMA member gets early bird prizes, lucky draws in various CME events

Association Privileges

  • One can attend branch, state and national IMA annual conference and also participate in annual general body meetings.

  • One can have an access to local branch, state and National IMA directory.

  • One can network with other state and local branches of IMA.

  • IMA members get an opportunity to become an office bearer of local IMA branch, of state IMA or of IMA Head Quarters

  • IMA members can get elected as a member of National Central Working Committee (one for every 1000 members) or of a central council (one for every 500 members). Both are the decision making bodies of IMA.

  • Similarly one can be elected a state executive committee

  • In many states a state IMA member can get nominated to the state medical council disciplinary committee.

Privileges for IMA owned Medical Establishment

  • IMA has hospital board of India wing with its branches in various states.

  • Hospital board look after the interests of clinical establishments owned by IMA.

  • IMA also has tied up with NABH for facilitating entry level NABH accreditation of small health care facilities ( < 50 beds).

  • IMA also certifies IMA clinics

  • IMA also runs baby friendly hospitals initiative

  • IMA is working for single window clearance for most registrations

  • IMA regularly fights for the fait insurance coverage of medical establishments

Legal Help and Protection from Litigation

  • IMA Anti Quackery wing fights against quackery in the country

  • IMA has its own IMA Mediation and Grievance Cell for handling patient doctor and doctor to doctor disputes.

  • IMA has IMA Self Code of Conduct

  • IMA has IMA Digital Code of Conduct

  • IMA has Social Media Code of Conduct

  • IMA with NATHEALTH has code of conduct for institutions

  • IMA with AHPI has code of conduct for smaller establishments

  • IMA is making code of conducts for doctor pharma, doctor chemist, doctor nurse, doctor patients and doctor hospital relationships.

  • IMA runs a nodal centre for UNESCO Bio Ethics.

  • IMA raises issues through RTI on regular basis.

  • IMA legal cell files PIL and raises issue for amendments in laws

  • How to respond to a complaint, IMA has a format

  • IMA has a white paper on what is not unethical

  • IMA has a paper on when not to use antibiotics

  • IMA has a paper on dilemmas faced by medical professionals

Privileges for women members

  • IMA Women doctor’s wing looks after the interests of women doctors.

  • Women members have fixed quota in the working committee.

  • IMA has spate awards for women achievers and life time contribution announced on International Woman Day

IMA Contribution to National Programmes

  • IMA RNTCP (IMA –GFATM-RNTCP-PPM-RCC –Project) provides training to doctors in TB treatment.

  • IMA clinics have an opportunity to run Dot Centers, designated microscopy Centres and Peripheral Health Institutes.

  • IMA has been participating in every Pulse Polio Programme and is largely responsible for its success

International Agencies

  • IMA Child sexual Abuse Initiative with UNICEF provides training in Child Sexual abuse.

  • IMA organizes and celebrates all WHO, International, World and IMA days.

  • IMA provides a platform to interact with other associations of the world. IMA is affiliated with Nepal Medical Association and British Medical Association. IMA is also member of The Confederation of Medical Associations in Asia and Oceania CMAOO (18 countries), WMA World Medical Association (111 National Medical associations), Common Wealth Medical Association CMA and WONCA (WONCA’s short name is World Organization of Family Doctors). IMA leaders have been the President of WMA and CMAAO.

IMA Influences National policies

  • IMA representative is a member of Indian Nursing Council, ESI board, National Board of Examinations and Central Council of Health and Family Welfare.

  • MA members are on state and central government advisory board.

  • Many IMA members have entered in Indian and State Politics

  • IMA members today are in bureaucracy, IAS, IRS, IPS, IFS, Indian Politics, Member of parliaments, MLAs, Councilors, Minsters etc.

  • IMA representative are members of National Medical and Wellness Tourism Board

  • IMPACT is Indian Medical Professional Associations’ Coalition against Tuberculosis. The associations are Indian Medical Association, National College of Chest Physicians, Indian Chest Society, Associations of Physicians of India, Federation of Family Physicians of India and Indian Academy of Pediatrics.

  • IMA is a member of National Technical Drug Advisory Body, National Accreditation Board of Hospitals, Quality Council of India, Bureau of Indian Standards, National Council for Clinic Establishments, Central Supervisory Board under Section 7 of  PCPNDT Act and National Immunization policy group, National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization

  • IMA has standing committees on all issues of national importance

  • IMA organizes regular stake holder meeting including CAMSI (Confederation of Associations of Medical Specialties of India).

  • IMA has a parliamentary doctor’s wing. All doctor member of parliaments are its members. IMA on regular basis raises issues in parliament.

Medical Students Wing

Young Doctors wing

  • IMA has young doctors wing (up to five years of MBBS). https://www.facebook.com/imayoungdoctorswing/.

  • IMA guides young doctors for their ‘start ups’

  • IMA Kerala and Karnataka state branches runs coaching courses for medical professionals.

Image Building

  • IMA member gets opportunity to appear in TV shows, Radio show, write articles in print media and participate in public shows.

  • IMA members gets an opportunity to apply for National and International awards. 

  • IMA is a recommending body for Dr B C Roy National Awards.

  • IMA also recommends for PADMA awards and other GOI National Awards.

  • IMA recognizes the service of talents within the professional members.

  • IMA supports start up projects

  • IMA honours and supports doctors who author medical books.

  • IMA has been able to get many PIL issues in Profession’s favour like NCERT books derogatory remarks against medical profession to have removed after a high court order.

  • IMA also has IMA book of medical records.

Medical benefits

  • IMA has online directory for rare blood groups to help their members https://www.ima-india.org/ima/left-side-bar.php?pid=216

  • Most members gets medical benefits, as per MCI ethics regulations: 4. RESPONSIBILITIES OF PHYSICIANS TO EACH OTHER; A physician should consider it as a pleasure and privilege to render gratuitous service to all physicians and their immediate family dependants.

  • Most diagnostic centers provide up to 50% discount to IMA members and their families.